Pastry Catalog Photoshoot: Welcome to New York

We are on the brink of a new year of dance and Pastry has just released their 2018-2019 catalog to kick off the season! What is behind creating a catalog you ask? Don’t worry, we will tell you all about it.

First things first, a theme. The theme of this catalog is Welcome to New York. The Pastry team chose New York because NYC is the dance capital of the world. The birthplace of Pastry. The mecca of fashion, creativity, movement and entertainment.


We traveled to five places in New York over two days with sixteen dancers, one photographer, one photo assistant, two videographers, three choreographers, two creative directors, and seven production assistants. That’s right, Pastry rolls deep!


Day I of the catalog took place in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, NY. This is the home of the World’s Fair. Day I was all about glitz and glam with our #PastryDanceCrew. Brie, Jade, Lilly, Nicolette and Shyla were our dancers. And boy did they give us some great shots!

This is a big park so the Pastry Team worked hard to find the perfect spots for our dancers to do their thing. #PDC members Brie and Nicolette loved the movie star treatment of getting all glammed up with hair and makeup.


First, we shot in front of the World’s Fair Pavilion. The dancers’ clothes really popped against the colors of the pavilion. Shyla loved the outfits that were selected for the dancers. Last we shot in front of the iconic globe. Dancers Lilly and Jade loved being able to make memories together during the photoshoot.


Day I was so much fun for the dancers and the Pastry team. Day II we added on eleven more dancers and hit four locations. A busy day for sure!

We started the day on the Brooklyn Bridge then traveled to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Dancers Sammy and Shawn loved experiencing parts of the city they had never been to before. From Brooklyn we traveled uptown to the Highline. Jada loved the dance breaks that happened here. Throughout the day the dancers had the opportunity to choregraph their own dance videos!


From the Highline we had a short distance to travel to Madison Square Park. Our photographer took some amazing shots here and the dancers had plenty of time to bond and explore the park. Xavier really enjoyed the bonding time and made new friends during the photoshoot. At this location we switched up the hair and makeup for more glamorous looks for our next location. Dancer Jayleen loved the hair and makeup part of the photoshoot.


Last by certainly not least, we made our way to one of New York’s most iconic locations, Times Square. Our dancers gave us some serious smizing (smiling with their eyes) and killer jumps to end the day. Dancer Maddie loved working with a primarily all women team. It made her feel like she can accomplish anything!


Times Square ended the second day of the catalog photoshoot. But not the end of all the dancing! Check out all of the epic moves from all of our dancers.

After a two-day long photoshoot, followed by hours of editing, the Pastry team is proud to present you with the 2018-2019 Catalog!

If you would like a physical copy of the catalog email

Use the hashtags #lovepastry #1dancesneaker and #pastrycatalog2018 to let us know what you love most from the catalog.

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