Safe Stretching Is Sweet

Hey Fam!

Previously we talked about setting goals for 2017. Now, we want to make sure we reach those goals safely. We’ve already learned stretching should be a major part of our day, but did you know that there’s technique for stretching!? We know, it seems like everything boils down to technique. Have no fear! We’ve got some tips on how to give those extensions life!

  1. Never Stretch Cold Muscles
    Nobody likes an unsettling surprise, even your muscles. Spend a few minutes doing light movements before you jump into static stretches. Let your muscles know you are about to put them to work.
  2. Never Bounce In A Static Stretch
    Interrupting your body’s flow with a bounce forces your muscles to release and contract too quickly. Simply put, your shortening the muscles you’re trying to lengthen. Bouncing also leads to injury and immobility. Super counter productive….
  3. If it hurts, STOP
    If you’re in major pain or feeling unusual sensations, come out of the stretch.
    Let it go let it flow…your body needs the oxygen when you’re stretching.
  5. Static Stretching is better to close with…
    Wait till the end of your workout or rehearsal for really deep stretching. Same benefits…less risk….