It’s Been 10 Years of Love

We’re hype for 2017 because…


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Take a ride down memory lane with us with our Pastry timeline.



Pastry Comes On The Scene – 2007

Pastry was started by Angela & Vanessa Simmons. They are the stylish daughters of founding member of RUN DMC, Joseph Simmons. Pastry was built off of being “sweet, chic and unique.”

Pastry Gets A Shout Out from Hov – 2009

Pastry was carved into hip-hop history when King of The R.O.C, Jay-Z, gave us a shout out in Empire State of Mind.

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” Catch me in the kitchen
Like the Simmons
whippin’ Pastry “

Pastry Got Literal On Cup Cake Wars – 2012

This time, Pastry was actually talking about pastries.

Pastry Release’s “Surfer’s Paradise”- 2012

Pastry sponsored Cody Simpson’s album release party for “Surfer’s Paradise.”

Pastry Chills With Maddison Petis & Alli Simpson – 2012

We have so many memories with these two lovely ladies!

Pastry Say’s “Happy Sweet 16 Coco!” – 2013

Pastry And Ford Driving Skills Present Coco Jones' Sweet 16 Birthday Party
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We love our friends.
That’s why we threw our friend Coco Jones a sick Sweet 16!

Pastry Gets Invited To The Wedding – 2013

Pastry was so stoked to be a part of this awesome marriage proposal. The bulls but extra LOVE in Love Pastry. Shop The Look

Pastry Kicks It With Kristina – 2014

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 3.14.56 PM.png
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Pastry made a ton of memories with Kristina Debarge. We love her Pastry Style from 2014.

Pastry Gets Lit with ScribeCash – 2015

ScribeCash rocked Pastry in her music video for “Get On My Level.”

Pastry Dances With So You Think You Can Dance – 2015

These dancers were so fly on stage. 

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Pastry Sponsors High Strung – 2016

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 2.46.35 PM.png

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How could Pastry resist a movie about love, music and dance?

Pastry Clowns Mariah Carey – 2017

2017 just began, but Pastry made an appearance during the best Mariah Carey troll of the year. Shop The Look

Pastry has made so many memories.
Now, Pastry is going to make some more.