5 Goals for 2017

What’s fresher than a new year? Don’t be shy. You’re right…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
2017 is YOUR year, and we’ve got some goals you may want to get in on….

  1. Take Full Advantage of All The Warm-up Time
    Give your body the attention it needs.
  2. Attend As Many Classes As Possible
    The only way to get better is to know how.
  3. Meet As Many Teachers As Possible 
    The only way to know how to stand out in a crowd is to appreciate everyone’s uniqueness, all the way down to the teaching style.
  4. Get Out of The Mirror
    Perfection can’t be attained from chasing a reflection.
  5. Find Out Which Part Of Your Soul Needs The Most Exploration
    Then, take your findings and hit the dance floor.