Celebrate Dance With #NDWF – Contest

It’s time to get movin’ with the National Dance Week Foundation. NDWF wants you to spread dance awareness in your community by participating in the Dance Mob challenge!

Here’s what you’ll need to do…

Get Your Crew Together: Friends, family, dance moms and teachers from near and far,       time to band together to spread the joy of dance.

Pick A Boss Location: Just make sure it’s safe, legal and visible.

Rock A NDFW Snapback & T-Shirt: Make sure you put your crew name on the back!

Get The Word Out: Get someone to record your moves for the video submission. Then,          tell your local press. Spread the word around school. Do what you can to grab attention because THAT’S how you spread the joy of dance!

Winners will be announced during the National Dance Week Celebration! Participants are automatically entered to win a sick pair of Pastry sneakers!

For questions and further details visit NationalDanceWeek.org.