Pastry Gift Guide – 2016

It is such a challenge to pick the perfect present. Luckily, these Pastry picks are perfect for all the unique personalities on your shopping list.

  1. The One Who’s One of A Kind

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    This shoe is perfect for everyone on your list, but a particular favorite among coaches, sports fanatics and dance teachers a like! The Glam Pie Custom lets your loved one put their special touch on the removable strap. Let them get creative this year with bedazzling, sublimating, embroidering…you name it! Or, get creative for them and put your touch on the gift.

  2. The One Who Appreciates Simplicity – Pop Tart Grid
    Pastry Pop Tart Grid Black High Top Dance Sneaker 2.jpg
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    The Pop Tart Grid is subtle enough to dress up or down. Whether for stage or street, your loved one can work this sneaker into any outfit. They’re also mighty comfortable.

  3.  The One On The Go- Glam Pie Glitter
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    If you know someone who is always on the move, the Glam Pie Custom is a must have. The perfect mix of athleticism and spunk, your loved one will get where they’re going in stylish comfort.

  4. The Boot Enthusiast – Butter Boot
    butter boot pastry womens sneaker 2.jpg
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    If you tried to give a sneaker to a boot lover, you’d probably get the side eye. But, if you give the Butter Boot to a boot lover you’ll catch them by surprise! All the comfort of a sneaker, with the classic work boot appearance.

    5. The Dream Chaser – Military Glitz

    Military Glitz Combat Sneaker Boot 2.jpg
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    For the person who does what it takes to make their dreams come true. This person needs a shoe that’s as fearless as they are. This comfy combat boot will give them a little extra edge!