Combat your Sweet Tooth with the Military Glitz

Hey all you #PastryGirls!  Let us introduce you to our newest (and sweetest) style yet, the Military Glitz Combat Boot Sneaker!


The best of both worlds, the Military Glitz is part combat boot, part sneaker, and all fun for our newest (and cutest) #PastryGirl, Luna. Age 4, Luna visited Pastry last week to test the Military Glitz and see of our newest sneaker was up to snuff. The verdict?





Hop Scotch.



& Twirls.



Feeling fabulous in her new glitter sneakers, Luna loved the boot look with her winter jacket. She cooed over how comfy they are, running, jumping, and dancing as she did. To see more from our time with Luna, check out the homepage of, and stay tuned for more updates from Pastry Kids!