A Chance to Dance before a NBA Game: Pastry + NDF Pregame Performances

What is on your dance Bucket List? You know those “OMG someone pinch me this can’t be happening” dance experiences you are excited to turn into favorite memories. Dancing with Misty Copeland, performing on a world tour with Beyoncé or something else? While we too, would love to be a part of Beyoncé’s Formation, we can’t help with that. But we can make your dream of dancing on a NBA court come true.

chicago bulls pregame performance dec 21st 2018 (7)

We are proud to be working with National Dance Foundation for the second year presenting the “What Will You Dance For” NBA Pregame Performances supporting and creating awareness for Inclusion and Kindness. This National Dance Foundation and Pastry NBA Experience is coming to several cities throughout the country performing the NDF Shout Out and Dance Mob routine before tipoff.

chicago bulls pregame performance dec 21st 2018 (13)

Each dancer will have the opportunity to perform on court, get a new pair of Pastry sneakers, T-shirt and a game ticket. This is for ALL dancers regardless of skill level and abilities.

If you know of a dancer with special needs they may qualify for a sponsorship to participate in this program. Please reach out to marketing@lovepastry.com for more information regarding sponsorships.

chicago bulls pregame performance dec 21st 2018 (46)

Want to join us? Register through the link below.

Charlotte Hornets | March 13, 2020 | $80 | Register Here

Chicago Bulls | November 16, 2019 | $80 | Register Here

Dallas Mavericks | December 14, 2019 | $59 | Register Here | Game tickets purchased separately

Houston Rockets | December 7, 2019 | $70 | Register Here | Pastry sneakers purchased separately

Miami Heat | TBA

Orlando Magic | March 21, 2020 | $80 | Register Here

Philadelphia 76ers | November 23, 2019 | $75 | Register Here | Pastry sneakers purchased separately

Washington Wizards | November 22, 2019 | $80 | Register Here