hm_103013_FriendReferral November 04

Invite at Friend and get $10!


Do you have a BFF (or 5) who would look great in the Studded Sugar Rush? Do you and your friends like getting free things? Do you Love Pastry? Well we love you too, and if you ¬†answered any of the above questions with a resounding “YES,” you may want to see what we have in store for you.

Now, when you invite a friend to both you and your friend can each get $10 off your next Pastry order!

It’s a fast and simple way to save AND spread the Pastry Love.

  1. Go to the ‘Invite a Friend’ page (make sure you are logged in!)
  2. Enter your friends’ email addresses (separated by a comma). Remember, the more friends who sign up the more money YOU get!
  3. Click Send! (so easy, right?)

Get started sharing and saving now!