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Spooky Sale and Killer Costume Ideas!


Halloween is next week and if you haven’t gotten your outfit together yet, DON’T SWEAT! Pastry has all of your Halloween needs covered. Not ONLY do we have a Spooky Sale happening, where you can get 20% off ALL STYLES on w/ code: spooky, but we have been having the time of our lives designing Halloween costumes for you with your favorite Pastry kicks! How ADORABLE are these? We can’t even.


1. Chic Cheetah

This is one we could not pass up. The Glam Pie Wedge in Black and Gold was made for Halloween. Black cats are literally always a sure-fire choice for a fashionable Halloween. This look demands leather, and we could not pass up this pleather, long sleeved, flirty number with the Cheetah Glam Pie Wedge. Add a twist on the normal cat ears with this studded cat ear sweatband. And if you want to get elaborate, you can add a tail and paint some sweet whiskers on your cheeks. DEFINITELY opt for the ears, though.


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2. Cinderella

There is a little part (ok HUGE part) in all of us that wants to be a princess, and Halloween is the best time to let that part of you shine!  Speaking of shine, we couldn’t have picked a better slipper for Cinderella than our Silver Glam Pie Glitter. Pair it with an adorable light blue dress with a white lace overlay! Ok, really anything frilly and girly works here. We are feeling satin as well and any classic feminine cut. Match an adorable blue headband with a classic updo to pull off that true princess feel. And, of course, you can, not, forget the choker! Maybe it’s just us, but we have been sorely missing our 90s chokers and REVEL in the chance to bring those back out! Have fun with it! Bonus Points if you can find a way to ride around in a pumpkin all night ;)


3. Fairy

No, not the kind that granted Cinderella all of her wishes and dreams. We’re talking a much cuter, younger fairy. Honestly, we were looking for any excuse to pair the Silver Tiramisu (with the stars.. PERFECT) with a metallic leotard and tutu. Cutest outfit ever, and totes one of the hottest trends this Halloween. Simply add wings and a glow wand! Rule of thumb for this outfit, the shinier and the brighter the better. Nothing says magical sprite like the cute and outlandish, so own it this Halloween! Complete the outfit with a flower headband (you live in the forest-after all) and fun bracelets (100% just because).


4.  Wicked Witch

No Halloween is complete without someone being a witch. And yes, it is usually your mother, which is why we decided to take this classic look and bring it up to the 21st century. But lets be real, witches have never been hotter! We’re sorry, but did you SEE Oz the Great and Powerful? Mila was FIERCE! Witches are simply a no-brainer this year. This costume clearly calls for Pastry’s Black Slushy Pop. (was that even a question?) This look allows for something that we adore, but don’t always get the chance to pull off, and that’s black lace. We love this black mini with shear lace sleeves. Paired with a cute beaded broom and classic black witch hat and you’re unmistakable. Alternatively, you can pull in any black wide brim hat for a more fashion forward witch (like.. LOVE!)

(via imgur)

(via imgur)


5. 80s Chick

The Studded Sugar Rush has a special place in our hearts, because it lends itself to so many costumes, especially from the era that MADE the hightop – the 80s. Get your sweatbands out because we held nothing back with this one. Bring ON the Bowie sweatshirt and patterned gym shorts, puhlease. Could there be a more comfortable way to do Halloween? Pull your fav chunky plastic jewelry out cause this Halloween they’re going to walk like an Egyptian. Add some knee high athletic socks OR steal your mom’s wigwams from high school. (Yea, she definitely still has them.) And we would probably love you forever if you walked around with a cassette player or a boombox held to up to your ear. Greatest. Halloween 80s. Dance party. Ever.

(via reactiongifs)

(via reactiongifs)

6. Dorothy

halloweendorothySoooo, maybe we’re a little Oz obsessed, we’ll admit, but how could we pass up a costume centered ALL around a red shoe? The Red Smoothie Zip had to be used. Pair them with a light-blue checkered or plaid dress to channel your inner 1930s farm sweetheart. There is nothing more ‘in’ than plaid right now, so have a ton of fun with this one! Get a ruby red hair accessory to match your shoes. We love these little red leather bow barrettes, but you could definitely convince us to get behind an oversized red bow, or red plaid in your pigtails if you’re feeling particularly inspired. And, OK, we know you probably don’t have a stuffed dog in a basket lying around, but really, how cute is that?! Plus it’s better than kidnapping your neighbors Terrier and trying to keep track of him all night (He probably will NOT answer to Toto, FYI.)

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