stylecheetah October 23

Styling your Glam Pie Wedge


Have you heard about our new Cheetah Glam Pie Wedge? (Don’t worry. Details are RIGHT here!) Basically, The Glam Pie Wedge is some FAB feline footwear. We took the Glam Pie Cheetah Foil and made it BIGGER, BETTER, & TALLER. And we are now sooo excited to announce that we have three different colors of the Glam Pie Wedge available on The White/Silver and the Blue/Black you already know and love, and we JUST added the Black/Gold to our line up. We thought a killer style guide for our newest addition would be the perfect tribute!

With Black and Gold you can never, EVER go wrong, especially as we enter the colder months. Start with a white tunic dress for ultimate comfort. (These are so so soft. Yes please.) Throw over a comfy & thick denim jacket (The fashion world is certainly not done with denim just because summer is over). Super bonus points if you get a denim jacket with black leather or wool sleeves! Talk about warm! Pair those wool sleeves with a black knit wool beret. Bring out the gold gleam on your cheetah with a gold chain and some sick studs (love the Cheetah throw with these earrings!) Finally. We could not resist the chance the throw in some mod shades to make you look superbly wicked. Overall, such a sick look that will definitely turn any head.

Get your Glam Pie wedges on now!