Styling the Blue Aztec Sire Classic Canvas


The Sire Classic Canvas is the definition of a tennis shoe if you ask us, and we could not be more excited to style this casual kick. If you haven’t been introduced to the newest addition to the Sire Classic Canvas family, here’s a quick run down. This Classic Canvas shoe comes in a medium blue with fuchsia detailing. Our favorite part BY FAR with this new generation is the Aztec print on the laces and interior. Talk about TRENDY.

This fall, let your kicks be your accent piece. Opt for an edgy white graphic tank (extra points for zipper detailing!). We are especially feeling the sugar skulls that are seemingly EVERYWHERE right now. So metal. Throw over a black quilted leather zip up jacket for those cool evenings. Can we talk about quilting for a sec? This is a style we can totally get behind. (Cough – Sire Varsity Punk – cough!) Pair with understated and simple black skinny jeans to accent your other sweet numbers. We love the fuchsia details on the Sire Classic Canvas and tying it with a hot pink clutch is perfectly eye catching. Talk about a KILLER combo!

The Sire Classic Canvas and Sire Varsity Punk are both available on!