cheetahwedgeinsta September 09

Introducing the Glam Pie Wedge


Pastry released the OH SO fabulous Glam Pie Foil Cheetah a little while ago and they are definitely still a hit! But you may have been wondering what else Pastry could whip up with the same CHEETAHLICIOUS spots! Introducing the brand new Glam Pie Cheetah Wedge! Wedges are totally in right now. These shoes have a similar appearance to the Glam Pie Foil, but now Pastry has made them made them BIGGER, BETTER, AND TALLER(; A little but of shimmer never hurt anyone right?! Pastry outdid themselves with the hidden 3″ wedge heel in these sneakers as well as the touch of sequins integrated into the cheetah spots! You can pick up these metallic beauties in WHITE/SILVER or BLACK/BLUE and DEF make a statement this fall! Pastry girl, CoCo Jones, sported these wedges at the Las Vegas Fashion Show and she really ROCKED these CHEETAHLICIOUS kicks on stage! Check out the new Glam Pie Cheetah Wedge HERE and see what all the growl power is about!

xo Lynsey