trufflestrapinsta September 04

Introducing Pastry’s new Truffle Strap


As summer winds down and school starts back up, we would like to take a moment to appreciate this absolutely ASTONISHING Autumn shoe. The Truffle Strap‘s high profile and leather exterior makes it perfect for the approaching cold weather. (WINTER IS COMING XP). The gold detailing gives this shoe a classy edge that couples perfectly with the boldness of the strap.

The. Strap. THAT. STRAP. From the thickness to the lattice-work stitching, we are obsessed. There is absolutely NOTHING better to wear with jeans or leggings than the Truffle Strap. Secure your FAV skinnies or SWEET leggings in with this no-fooling-around kickin’ strap. In 4 STUNNING shades, the Truffle Strap IS our fall obsession.

Happy Shopping!