blogtoppersmoothie August 27

Zip it Up with our NEW Smoothie Zip!


Our FAVORITE part about the Smoothie Zip is its versatility. Want an understated yet funky shoe to accent a KILLER outfit? Look no further than the Black or Grey Smoothie Zip! Looking for a shoe that will make a statement? (that statement being “Check out how FANTASTICALLY FRESH I am!”) ┬áZip up the Brick Red or the Blue/Aqua for a SERIOUS WOW factor!!

With zipper and lace up, this shoe is easy to slip on, comfortable, and lightweight. The new Smoothie Zip brings the absolutely PERFECT balance of style and practicality to a hightop. This style can make a GREAT every day shoe OR be the most POPPIN’ part of your outfit! It’s TOTALLY up to you!! The Smoothie Zip‘s ease and comfort have us TOTALLY fangirling this week.

Get yours at now!