hm_072513_glampieglitter July 29


Glam Pie Glitter shoes by Pastry

Whatever you’re wearing, wherever you are, you CANNOT DENYYYYY the power of GLITTER. Glitter has the ability to take any outfit, really any-THING, and make it out-of-this-world FABULOUS. We’re talking break-your-neck, jaw-dropping, speechless levels of stunning! This general principle ALSO applies to pretty much anything that has glitter on it. Meaninggggggg that the super-mega-fab Glam Pie Glitter will INSTANTLY make anything you’re wearing aboutttt 758943% MORE fabulous. That’s a LOT of fab power on your side. Just sayin’ these bad boys are virtually guaranteed to make everyone on the street stop and stare (as if your general beauty and rockin’ attitude weren’t enough!). Black, gold, or silver, these Glam Pie Glitter are NOT messing around. Glitter is some serious business, after all.

Our Brand Ambassadors, Alli Simpson and Jessica Jarrell know what we’re talking about! Pictured below :)


Allie and Jess  wearing the Glam Pie Glitter by Pastry