PinwheelBanner July 17



Let’s face it. The pinwheel is SICK! Hightops w/ zippers & snaps? CAN NOT get enough. Our favorite part, though, has got to be the detailing. Yes being able to take these high-tops down low is INCREDIBLY useful for the summer months, but look at that stripe on the side! The mix of materials, colors, and intricate details on the Pinwheel has got us in a SPIN! Let’s not even START on the incredible color combos. Dark Grey on Black on Light Grey on Silver? Red on Cream on Black?! Tan on Coral on Light Blue on Gold?!!! HOW are we not wearing the Pinwheel EVERY DAY?! (Oh wait.. WE ARE!)

For the love of the Pinwheel, we are offering 20% OFF from now to 7/24/13 with the code: spinning.
Happy shopping!