Style Guide Studded Sugar Rush Grey Yellow July 10

Summer Style Guide for the Canvas Studded Sugar Rush

Style Guide Studded Sugar Rush Grey Yellow



Summer is one of our FAVORITE times of the year and it is in FULL SWING. You know what that means – light colors and lighter fabrics, YAY! Pastry has the perfect shoe for your warm summer days and fun-filled summer nights. The Canvas Studded Sugar Rush, with its punk studs, casual couture, and versatile zip, is the envy of all other summer shoes. Whether you’re hitting up the mall or playing in the sun, the Canvas Studded Sugar Rush is the shoe of the summer.

We absolutely LOVE this shoe with denim overalls, our new summer obsession. Keep it cool and airy with a simple white V. Finally, add a splash of color with some accent wayfarers. This look keeps it classic, bright, and a little bit edgy – a PERFECT combination for this summer’s trends.

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