Beekman Beach Club July 10

Location for Cody’s Record Release Party REVEALED

We know you’ve been anxious, but the time is finally here! The location of Cody Simpson’s Record Release Party isssssss….

Beekman Beach Club

89 South Street

New York, New York

(South Street Seaport)

That’s right! Surfer’s Paradise is going to be released ON A BEACH IN MANHATTAN! Right on the water, Beekman Beach Club is THE hot spot with a TON of space, surrounded by the shops and the open pier of South Street Seaport! We are going to blow this place OUT! It is HUGE, so come down regardless for fun on the pier! The Seaport even has a balcony where you may catch a glimpse of Cody if you don’t get into VIP!

Howeverrr, we KNOW you all want to get AS CLOSE TO CODY SIMPSON AS POSSIBLE! For a chance to enter the VIP area in Beekman Beach Club (with sand, fun, exclusive access to celebrities, and YES CODY SIMPSON) you can enter in…

With SO many opportunities to win, there’s no reason not to enter!

SO. TO RECAP.¬†Cody will be releasing Surfer’s Paradise NEXT TUESDAY 7/16 at BEEKMAN BEACH CLUB in NYC! The party is from 7PM-9PM! We want ALL Pastry Girls, Cody’s Angels,¬†friends and family to come down to make this an amazing event! If you want to get into VIP and Beach Area and be a part of something AMAZING, you have 3 ways to enter to win a pass.

Cannot WAIT to see you all there! We are soooo excited AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO!!!! This is going to be THE party of the summer!